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History of the Program 'synapsen. An hypertextual card index'

Version 3.9, 2011/10/06

  • Special filter for Citavi (BiBTeX-Import)
  • Several minor improvements

Version 3.8, 2011/02/06

  • Visual and deeper functional improvements

Version 3.7a, 2010/06/28

  • Improved pdf-reader
  • Minor changes and improvement

Version 3.6o, 2010/05/04

  • Minor changes and improvements

Version 3.6h, 2009/10/08

  • Some minor changes and improvements

Version 3.6, 2009/03/29

  • Editor field added to enhanced bibliographic data of entry type Book and InBook
  • Shuffling the frames with ctrl-^ resp. cmd-^
  • Simplified update and saving of card arrangements
  • Standardisied fonts in the report by pressing >F9<
  • Cards record their own history (number of access, creation date)
  • Minor improvements
  • Blocking function in the network version

Version 3.5, 2008/11/20

  • Drag&Drop between cards for manual links
  • Improved report functions (search, add images, better formatting, highlighting...)
  • Support for Open Office 3.0 (Mac, Linux, and Windows)
  • Support for MS Word (Mac and Windows)
  • Filtering the bibliography
  • Adjustable schemes (Java-Look&Feel)

Version 3.1, 2008/08/23

Adaption to Mac OS X 10.5; many minor improvements and some fixes.

Version 3.0, 2007/11/25

New categories for movies, audio, and proceedings; new extensive printing interface; many minor improvements and some fixes.

Version 2.5, 2007/06/06

Improvement of the data import via BibTeX; support of the biblatex-package; new fields for shorttitle, translator, main title; revision of the automatic counter of paper copies; direct connection to text processors like MS Word or Open Office 2.2; several minor fixes and improvements.

Version 2.4f, 2007/03/19

Minor bugfixes. The card:-entries are slightly redesigned, they can now be added to bibliographies.

Version 2.4e, 2007/02/04

Enhancement of the settings: the text-archive can now be organized via a root directory, which will be saved as a default. Bugfix of importing an article; some minor bugfixes & changes

Version 2.4a, 2006/11/03

Some minor bug fixes & changes in preferences, in viewing the bibliography under Linux

Version 2.4, 2006/09/17

New category for images added

Version 2.3b, 2006/09/03

Enhancements of the electronic text-archive, small changes

Version 2.3, 2006/07/21

Electronic text-archive added
Support of remote external database server

Version 2.2a, 2006/06/26

Minor bugs fixed like closing operation of new cards

Version 2.2, 2006/06/24

Additional window for headword allocation added. Enhanced features for organising bibliographies (storing, visibility, etc.)

Version 2.1, 2006/05/14

synapsen now uses its internal database server as default, external databases via mySQL or MAMP or MS Access are supported as well.

Version 2.0, 2006/03/18

First release of synapsen's international version, fully documented in English

Version 1.x, 1999--2005

Various versions of the program in German language.